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Kitchen Equipments

Riddhi Displayoffers kitchenequipment for bothindustrial andcommercial usage atan affordable prize.Our kitchenequipment areflexible in a sensethat it can beoperated by gas aswell as electricity.Our company catersto hotels,restaurants,bakeries, offices,cafes and MNCs.Also, our team isinto installation ofkitchen equipment inyour kitchen to easeyour cookingexperience. Theattentiveness of ourcompany towardscustomers enabled usto provide effectiveand safe kitchensolutions to ourcustomers. We atRiddhi Displayoffers followingtypes of kitchenequipment to ourcustomers;

Display Counters like

  • Food serving counter
  • Display counter
  • Food storage equipment
  • Food preparation
  • Cooking equipment
  • Plates rack trolleys
  • Dining tables
  • Pantry equipment

Restaurant Display Counter

  • Chat Display Counters
  • Fast Food Display Counters

Refrigeration equipment

  • Table top freezer
  • Single door showcase freezer
  • Commercial upright freezers
  • Deep freezers

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