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an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Riddhi Display Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Rajkot based Display Equipment Company which manufactures display cases for hotel, cafe and bakery industry.

This company came into existence in 1985 as a result of innovative mind and dedicated efforts of Mr. Shailesh Patel. Today, Riddhi Display is the most renowned and leading industry that provides display cases in India, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Australia and UK.

Being the leading producer of most innovative and amazing cases that enhances the visibility of food items, maintains its freshness, nutritional value and store it with hygiene, Riddhi Display has become the most preferred choice of beverage industry.


Thought & Motto

At Riddhi Display we very well understands the need of our customers and their thought procedure.
We believe in a phrase i.e. "Thing Displayed well are more often sold", our customers are all those who are into business of hotel, café or bakery where an item is sold after a customer visiting them see their items displayed in cases. Our motto is to make attractive and customized cases as per the need of our customers to enhance the visibility and beauty of their items so as to increase their sales.

Snacks like sweets, chat, dry-fruits, panipuri, sweet corn, namkeen, ice-cream, cakes, pastries etc. can easily attract customers if displayed finely in our beautiful cases. Not only display cases but we also deals into manufacturing and sales of various kitchen equipment and refrigerator equipment which are tailor made as per the need of customers. Our products have a versatility in aspect of shape, slides and size. We caters to all food courts, bakery, ice-cream parlors and hotel industries to satisfy their 360 degree need for kitchen equipment, cases and refrigerator.

our visionVivid Description

  • World-Class FoodDisplay

    10 years down the line Riddhi Display will be known as a World-Class Food Display Equipment Company across the globe.
  • Plant Plant

    Riddhi Display will have an Atomization plant.
  • 1250 productsper month

    Riddhi Display will manufacture 1250 products per month.
  • New Products Every Year

    Riddhi Display will Launch 2 new Products every year.
  • installing One More Unit

    10 years down the line Riddhi Display will be known as a World-Class Food Display Equipment Company across the globe.
  • Channel Across The Globe

    Riddhi Display will have an Atomization plant.
  • helping and upgrading society

    Riddhi Display will play a major role in helping and upgrading society by their charitable trust established for nation’s growth.
  • International Awards winner

    Riddhi Display will Launch 2 new Products every year.
  • successful entrepreneurs

    Riddhi Display's success story will be part of management study and it will be covered by newspapers as well as successful entrepreneurs.
  • Nation's Growth

    Riddhi Display will be a role model in Nation’s Growth for others.

Company Profile

Started as a small scale business, today Riddhi Display has flourished and become a full-fledged company. And it has become possible by the hard-work, dedicated efforts and clear vision of Mr. Shailesh Patel.

The huge empire of Riddhi Display is spread in 1,10,000 Sq.Ft. area which is built with modern infrastructure and equipped with modern manufacturing machineries. With an experience of over two and a half decade, we understand the modus operandi of food preservation very well and this helps us to design equipment that perfectly match customer’s requirements.

Practicing our work and upgrading with time and advancement in technologies we are growing with a constant speed. With a wide range of display cases, kitchen equipment and refrigerators we also excel in our services and quality of product.

Our high-quality product maintains the freshness and nutritional value of food products. Varying in size, shape and pattern of cases and other equipment Riddhi Display caters to big as well as small scale industry needs. We thrive for the best value to our customers by tireless efforts and extraordinary services.